A little about Cotswold Lashes founder and master lash artist Tiffany Parmar... 



Cotswold Lashes founder and master lash artist and educator Tiffany Parmar. 

Back in 2013, I made the best decision of my life. I entered an Industry that I truly adore. I wake up excited to go to work and I am loving the journey I'm taking within the lash industry. 
I've learned so much since then, and I'm so excited to start passing on this knowledge to my students. I can't wait to see where the future takes me! 
I've been lucky enough to be mentored by some of the best and most inspirational ladies in the business and I've got an amazing clientele.  
Without the support of my truly wonderful clients I wouldn't be here. Thank you for supporting me and helping me to do something I love! 
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 Why does the cost of lashes vary so much?  

There are so many factors to consider but I thought some of you may find this interesting.  
Not all lashes are created equal and these factors will determine whether you are getting good value for money or not! 


This in my view is so important to my clients' comfort and end result but you wouldn't believe how much the quality and cost varies. As lash techs I've also found a lot of us are perfectionists as well so we spend a lot of money finding the products that are perfect for us. 
Lashes, glue, eye pads, air conditioner, humidifier, tweezers! The list goes on. I must have tried 50 different tweezers, the most expensive pair being £120 but if you are lashing day in day out these products must be right. On the flip side there are also some very cheap products on the market and some products do not meet regulation standards. 


It's so important to keep up with our industry. It is growing so quickly and we are able to offer our clients better lashes and techniques but this cost money. I've been lucky enough to train with some of the best in the industry and this to me is invaluable. 


In a world taken over by volume lashes I see very different levels of skill. A lash tech who has just started out may not charge as much as someone with years of experience. I know I certainly didn't when i started out 5 years ago! 
Volume lashing especially is not an easy thing to do and it takes years to perfect. I strive for perfection with every fan I make and this is even more challenging when you use mega volume lashes! It is my love though! I offer my clients the best quality thinnest lashes available to create beautiful dense volume with 0 damage. 
I'm a massive believer in not putting down any other techs work, I believe there are plenty of clients out there for all of us so this is unnecessary however I need to mention here that there are unfortunately people out there marketing volume sets but in actual fact they are using clusters, premade fans or just layering lashes on the lash line and charging alot of money to do so. This is unhealthy and you are not getting the skill here that you are paying for. 


When working out the bottom line, whether you're a high street salon or home based there are different considerations. Even with a home based salon, you need to factor in extra heating, lighting, air conditioning, child care amongst other things. Another thing to consider, is your lash artist doing this as a living or alongside another job for an extra income? If you're lashing for a living we get taxed just like everyone else on our earnings, although some don't...! 


So what are you getting for your full set or infill cost? Some charge by service so a full set may be a set price but what is included? How long are they spending on you and how quick do they work? Same goes for infill. Are you getting 40 minutes for an infill for the same price as another tech would do an hour? I have found over the years the fairest way for me and my client is to charge by time. It is transparent and my clients always know what they are getting! 
Anyway, I hope this helps you to choose your lash artist like you would choose a house. In my mind, a house isn't one set price, it is valued on many different factors and so are we! 
Anyway, I hope this helps you to choose your lash artist like you would choose a house. 
In my mind, a house isn't one set price, it is valued on many different factors and so are we! 
Your #1 choice for professional lash artist services, supplies and support. 
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