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Hi I'm Tiffany, the founder of Cotswold Lashes. I've been a full-time working lash artist for the last 6 years in Gloucestershire. I adore my craft, it's a very Intricate skill that I will never tire of perfecting. The products that we use can genuinely affect the end look that our clients receive, but as lash artists, the quality of products we use can also help or hinder our process. Quality lashes are easier to work with as they are easier to pick up from the strip and volume lashes fan with more ease. The amount of glue on the strip also means less chunky bases, less work to remove from the strip and less kinked lashes. 
Our lashes keep their curl and are super soft. A quality eyelash extension tray will appear to be more dense and black, as the extensions are all of a uniform size and densely packed on the strips. Our trays have 16 lines, many have less. 
Most lashes on the market are made of a material called PBT. There are varying qualities available of the raw product material in our industry and also varying quality of the standard of the finished product. I tried many suppliers before I decided to launch my product and I feel the lashes I am supplying my local salons are the best in my opinion. If they weren't I can assure you I would not sell them! 
I've worked with these lashes for almost a year and can genuinely tell you they have improved the quality of my sets and work. I adore them, and I'm sure you will too! 
There is no secret here, we are a new company. The vision of Cotswold Lashes was initially to provide quality training and mentoring with guaranteed aftercare. It expanded very quickly into offering the best quality products too. 
We are offering a high quality product at a fair price, we are offering a large range of sizes, diameters and curls to start with, but our promise to you is that, as you support us to grow, so will our product range. We want all of our local lash artists to be able to offer their clients every look, with every curl, without breaking the bank. 
As a young lash artist I remember trying so many different brands, the quality varied massively and I spent an absolute fortune.... my books in the first year could show you! I'm taking the wasted time and cost out of this for you by offering you the best quality and no guesswork. 
My vision is to improve the local lash market in the Cotswolds and help you all to grow your businesses by providing your clients with the best, and therefore increasing your profit. 
This is also why we are offering delivery inclusive in our price. 
Thank you for choosing to work with us. Please contact us with any questions about our training or products. 

 Lash Trays - Exclusive to Cotswold Lashes  

Personally Tested & Approved By Tiffany 

We have sourced the finest quality synthetic mink eyelash extensions with a beautiful deep black finish. They will make your application quicker and easier, and result in a more luxurious look for your client. All standard lashes now just £13 per tray! Cotswold Luxury Mink Lashes just £15 per tray. 
0.15 to 0.10 - Available in b curl, c curl, cc curl and d curl. 
0.07 to 0.03 - Available in c curl, cc curl and d curl. 

Click HERE to order online.  Alternatively, if you would like to place an order over the phone, please don't hesitate to give me a call on 07711 110 486 I hold large amounts of stock so we usually have the exact styles, thicknesses and sizes you're looking for! 

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