An innovative system for applying strip lashes without the need for magnets or traditional adhesive.
Simply apply the Liner to the eyelid as you would a normal eye liner, let it dry (under 30 seconds) and then press the band to the liner, ensuring you have a tight seal for long lasting, strong wear. That’s it!
Apply to clean, freshly washed skin for best results, before other make up is sitting on the eye.
Tip from Tiffany Parmar - As a Lash Artist, I will only sell and recommend systems which are non damaging to your natural lashes. This is why I love eye liner systems. There is no glue sitting in your natural lashes and potentially damaging them or interrupting their natural growth process. It is advisable to apply a small amount of make up remover with a cotton bud to loosen the eyeliner when removing, as that area of skin can be sensitive. You can remove strips without this step but for such a small extra step I feel we don’t want to pull the skin on this sensitive area as the bond of the Lockdown Liner is designed to be strong.
Beginner friendly. Very simple application and more manageable than liquid liner. No glue, no magnets necessary, but can be used with magnetic lashes all the same.
- Sweat resistant
- Oil resistant
- Suitable for dry or oily skin
- Highly pigmented
- Water repellent
- Quick drying
- Long lasting (professional make up remover products recommended)
- Patented technology
- Soft, precise sponge head
- Does NOT leave clumpy residue on your strips (use a cotton bud with a small amount of warm water to clean any residue from the band on your eyelash strips for longevity)
COMING SOON! CLEAR Lockdown Liner!
Lockdown Lash products are personal care/cosmetic items and therefore, for health and hygiene standards reasons, are non refundable.

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