'Wispy Drama' Lockdown Lashes

£18.33/tray exc. VAT £21.99/tray inc. VAT
Lockdown Lashes are developed using magnetic properties. Apply a good coating of eyeliner especially to the inner and outer corners, let go slightly tacky (but still shiny - not dried) and then apply the magnetic strip lashes onto the eyeliner with the application tool provided. Press the lashes for 1-3 minutes. Watch full tutorial for in depth application details.
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Our Wispy Drama Lockdown Lashes were commissioned and specially designed with Cotswold Lashes clients in mind. They are made of the highest quality human hair, in order to be especially lightweight, since this creates the most dramatic style.
This also ensures maximum comfort (very lightweight) and gorgeous finish (not as shiny as synthetic materials). They are comfortable to wear, as well as hard wearing. If looked after correctly, you could expect conservatively 15 wears per pair.
How are our lockdown lashes different than others on the market? We have developed free training videos to help you get the best bond. We have worked with our manufacturers to ensure there are more magnets than standard design magnetic lashes, so that if you need to make adjustments to the length there will be enough magnets still available to maintain contact with the liner yet still remaining flexible.
We pride ourselves on developing our products continuously with the best technology available.
Before applying, ensure that you watch the free application tutorials provided. Your emergency lockdown lash kit includes:
1 x magnetic eyeliner,
3 pairs of magnetic strip lashes (that exceed the quality of strip lashes, which are sometimes £10+ per pair),
1 x plastic applicator tool.
The lashes can also be customised for you by Tiffany Parmar from an additional £12 per pair. This does take some time (sometimes an hour or more per pair, depending on customer requirements). Customers will be kept up-to-date throughout the order process. See Lockdown Lash Customisation below.
Enjoy your alternative to conventional eyelash extensions! :-)
PLEASE READ BEFORE COMPLETING YOUR PURCHASE. Lockdown Lashes have been tried and tested by Cotswold Lashes – Nothing makes it for sale in our shop without being a quality product, and therefore it is without doubt an excellent eyelash enhancing product with many amazing reviews and happy customers. That being said, please watch the free educational videos provided before you complete your sale, so that you can make can make an informed purchase decision, as Lockdown Lashes are non-refundable once purchased due to health and hygiene reasons.
If you have any doubts or queries about your ability to apply this product, please get in touch BEFORE you purchase. The product requires you to apply it properly with a good bond in order to gain the full benefits of long lasting lockdown lashes. Tiffany is working to make these lashes suitable for clients with no natural lashes, but please contact her before deciding on your purchase to make sure that this is suitable for your unique situation.
Thank you for reading. This is not intended to put you off. It is simply so that you can buy with complete satisfaction. We are very transparent about our products and want to make sure it is the right choice for you!

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